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"Mr President, the ALDE Group is pleased to accept the Corbett/Martin report which sets Parliament on a good path to shoulder its great responsibilities following the entry into force of the treaty. It is important that Parliament prepares to become a generalist parliament – that is to say, that we have to start to do everything efficiently and expediently across the policy spectrum. A quick comment on our treatment of national parliaments: the treaty quite properly proposes that we improve the collaboration between us and national parliaments, but the treaty is quite discreet: silent upon the precise form that such collaboration should take. We ought to prepare ourselves therefore to consult national parliaments about their approach to the treaty before we set out detailed prescriptions just on our own, within our own procedures. The experiments carried out so far under the auspices of COSAC show a great disparity between national parliaments in their approach to the subsidiarity question. I think it is appropriate that the European Parliament appreciates such a disparity and that we refrain from formalising the precise methods of collaboration and response to the operation of the subsidiarity mechanism at the present stage of affairs. But, apart from that, the ALDE Group fully supports the proposals that are brought before us."@en1

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