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"Mr President, the Commission is quite correct to say that the service ought to combine all the instruments and assets that are required for the conduct of an active foreign policy across the globe. It is crucial that all the partners in this great project begin to trust each other and the service, including the most populous and imperious states. It is crucial for the Foreign Office in the UK to send their top people to the service rather than their discards. I agree fully that, for the sake of parliamentary scrutiny and financial control, the service ought to be attached to the Commission, for administrative and budgetary purposes. I have to say to the Council that it is not acceptable that the service is placed in the same class as the Economic and Social Committee or the Ombudsman as part of the Financial Regulation. I think that this Brok report has been a practical preparatory stage of the process of setting up the External Action Service but I also believe that we should pause now before we go further and settle important questions before the High Representative Vice-President is in place. For Parliament, it is crucial that we have a political interlocutor to negotiate the establishment and future programme of the External Action Service, so, please, states – bring us your people for all these posts."@en1

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