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"Mr President, I spent my childhood and my youth living next door to a communist dictatorship, the Soviet Union, and fear was ever-present. Finland, a small country, was right there. Nevertheless, we coped; we were independent. Now I am flabbergasted that only one end result is allowed in the European Union. Opinions can be expressed, there can even be disagreement, even eurosceptics are allowed, but the end result must be the same. If you win by foul means, you have already lost. To use a football reference, let us remember Diego Maradona’s handball incident. Who remembers the match between Argentina and England and what the result was at the end? It was won by foul means, was it not? Look where Maradona is now, he who won by foul means. Finally, I want to say to Sweden, the country to hold the presidency, that you continue to respect the decision of the Swedish people, who voted against the euro. You did not reconsider the matter after a year, or two or even five years. In this case, however, it was just a year later. This is EU democracy and it will one day reap its just deserts."@en1

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