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"Mr President, President Barroso, you came to see our Eurosceptic group and we appreciate that. It was time to discuss issues and you had some tough questions, from me among others. The fact that there is only one candidate, however, does not appeal to me. Moreover, if we do not accept you now, will it be how it was in Ireland, with Mr Barroso coming along in a couple of months’ time wearing a different tie and then everyone voting again on the same thing? You like the Commission. I have read this document very carefully. You say in it that the Commission is irreplaceable and that it is only the Commission which has the authority to put forward proposals which take the interests of all our citizens into account, and that only the Commission has competence and independence. Ladies and gentlemen, where are the nations of Europe? Where are the parliaments of Europe and where are the European voters? Do they not say that it is for them that this Union is kept on its feet? I do not actually believe in that very much. Mr Barroso, stand up for the working man, stand up for the workers, because the tired Left can no longer do that. Stand up for the small entrepreneurs: we have no shortage of labour; we have a shortage of employers. Do good work from the bottom up, so that people are able to employ others, and this way Europe can move forward. Finally, President Barroso, no EU taxes, thank you; we already have enough taxes."@en1

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