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"Mr President, Mr Churchill said: ‘never waste a crisis’. Well, we have a crisis today of the economy, of climate, of international instability, and it is clear to us, at least, in our group, that these crises greatly strengthen the argument for granting the EU an enhanced capacity to act globally. The Treaty is the logical response to these challenges. It is the best treaty that can be agreed at this time. It is a good treaty; historically, certainly, it is on a par with Maastricht. It builds up democracy and makes the governance of the EU more representative, efficient and effective. It is also a reformist treaty. It corrects most of the problems from which the present Treaty of Nice suffers. You do not have to be a militant federalist – as I am – to see this, but you do have to be a good democrat to get the point: first, that we need an integrated Europe to shape our response to globalisation, and secondly, that a post-national democracy is not a substitute for, but a supplement to, historic national democracies. Conservative and nationalist opponents of the Treaty should tell us why it is that they prefer to stick with the present, ineffective and clumsy Union and why they seek to retain for the nation state the absurd pretentions to nation sovereignty, when what actually matters is to make the interdependence between states and citizens work – an interdependence which is clarified and entrenched in this Treaty. This Treaty is a great constitutional step forward for Europe, and I am proud to have been associated in its drafting. I will fight to the finish to see that it is brought into force and put into effect successfully and quickly."@en1

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