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". Mr President, the Czech Senate has today accepted the Treaty of Lisbon. Now, there is just Ireland to go, you may say, and then we will have a treaty that will also provide more opportunities for my Committee on Development to make better policy. However, pressurising Ireland now would be a tremendous mistake. This is a union of independent states and the Irish are free to make their own decisions. Any outside pressure will increase the risk of the whole EU exploding, because, despite all the fine and complacent words that have been voiced today in this House, the European Union is undergoing a deep crisis of confidence. This kind of crisis can only be resolved with results, social policy, investment and economic recovery, the provision of clean energy for our climate, the protection of social rights, here and elsewhere in the world, but, in achieving all of this, we must respect each Member State’s right to come up with effective solutions for itself. Cooperation is necessary, and that is certainly true in this crisis, too, but you also have to have the confidence to remain true to yourselves. Therefore, pressure on Ireland would not be appropriate, either for the Irish or for the rest of Europe. Let the EU behave modestly, so that it may benefit from great ambitions."@en1

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