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"Mr President, first I would like to thank Mr Corbett for his work. The ALDE Group will support the package. It is a modernising reform of the House, which we appreciate: it will make us more efficient and more pluralistic, and I hope in the end it will make us more attractive to public opinion and, indeed, the press. I have two or three quibbles, however. The first is on the point that Mr Szájer spoke about: the attempt to force committees to be rigidly proportionate to the disposition of parties in Parliament. I think it is actually perfectly proper for a political group to express a preference to put more of its members on a committee that it regards as especially important. I think that, if we pass Amendment 42, then the groups and Members will find it frustrating, and it will require, in the end, greater flexibility. I would also like to defend strongly the changes agreed in the Committee on Constitutional Affairs to Rule 45(2) that Costas Botopoulos has just spoken about. I think we need to have a fall-back position to improve the own-initiative reports if they require it, and our experience since July, when that previous change was brought in, has exposed the fact that they frequently require improvement in the plenary. I would also like to commend Amendment 68 concerning the recasting procedure. I think Parliament has constrained itself too tightly, and we should more properly reflect the interinstitutional agreement of 2001 in our procedures to permit committees to talk about substantive changes to parts of directives or regulations that the Commission is seeking to recast, but in a very restricted form. Finally, I am seeking to take out the addition of split and separate votes to the procedure that will permit the President to refer back to a committee a report which has attracted more than 50 substantive amendments."@en1

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