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"Madam President, President-in-Office of the Council, President of the Commission, the statements of the Council and of the Commission on the preparation of the session of the European Council greatly disappointed those of us who are interested in transport. During the current global economic crisis in particular it is essential to adequately upgrade transport infrastructure – rail, roads, inland navigation, maritime navigation, ports and airports – and develop a forward­looking European transport policy with intelligent transport and logistics systems for the upturn in trade within the European Union and in imports and exports, which will hopefully soon take place. In addition, our citizens expect clear statements from the European Union as to how the volume of transport can be managed in an environmentally friendly way, not with instruments, but market-based instruments. A good example of this is the introduction of the emissions trading scheme for aviation from 2012, which has just been concluded by the European institutions. However, other rules, for maritime navigation for example, are still lacking. We therefore need an environmentally compatible streamlining of transport policy. This subject is important, President-in-Office of the Council, because it is essential to discuss and agree upon similar solutions to the environmentally compatible streamlining of transport with the most important third states, like the US, Japan, but also Russia, China, India and Brazil. Only in this way can we achieve global environmental improvement. Only in this way can we avoid unilateral rules which distort competition to the cost of the European economy. My Group therefore appeals to the European Council – and I hope that the President-in-Office of the Council will take this up – to discuss and prepare at the next Council balanced approaches for global, environmentally friendly transport policies, ahead of the climate conference in Copenhagen. If we want to be successful in Copenhagen, we must also discuss an environmentally compatible transport policy."@en1

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