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"Mr President, I do not propose to put pressure on the Czech senators or the Irish people in the debate this afternoon, so I am going to increase pressure upon the Commission – and especially upon the President. It is expected that the European Council is to nominate President Barroso for a second term and, in such circumstances, we would expect to see and to discuss a manifesto from President Barroso. Will he publish such a programme, and what will it contain? Centrally and surely, it should draw conclusions from the financial turmoil and the economic crash, especially as we approach the budgetary review before 2012. We have to change the size and the shape of the budget so that it more squarely responds to our top political priorities. The new Commission should make the case for a transfer of spending from national to European level in the interests of cost efficiency and added value. It should include, as an important objective, an expansion in the size of the eurozone and support a far stronger Eurogroup, committed to tighter fiscal discipline and a common economic policy, not simply the poorly-coordinated national macroeconomic policies that we have at present. And, yes, it should include a proposal for the raising of Eurobonds, plus greater federal supervision for the financial sector and a proper fiscal stimulus, accompanied by a proper trade stimulus triggered by the reopening of the Doha trade negotiations."@en1

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