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"Madam President, Mr Vice-President of the Commission, ladies and gentlemen and those still in the gallery, especially Mr Lübbering. My group supports the Commission’s fundamental concern of increasing rail freight traffic by creating cross-border traffic corridors and special regulations for the purpose. Mr Vice-President, we thank you not only for the proposal; we also thank you for the fact that you have stayed the course until just before midnight tonight, but we like to work. Thank you. Moreover, and there may have been a slip of the tongue in the announcement of your Commission proposal, our group, together with our good rapporteur, is firmly convinced that there should be no absolute priority for freight trains over all other trains, just easier access for freight traffic, because in almost all the Member States rail networks are used both by freight trains and by international, national, regional and local trains. In cases of operational disruptions in particular, we cannot have some distant office making decisions; competence must remain with the individual infrastructure operators and railway companies, so that normal train traffic can be resumed as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Even within the special regulation for the European freight rail network, the Member States must continue to be responsible for creating and changing freight corridors. Any sort of transfer of competence to the European Commission would not be helpful, on that we should agree. Finally, railway companies, shippers and forwarding agents should be consulted on corridor regulations, because they have practical knowledge and experience about how to make the most effective use of the rail network for competitive freight traffic. My congratulations once again to the rapporteur. He has written an excellent report which was adopted in committee with great satisfaction for the most part. My thanks to the rapporteur."@en1

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