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"Mr President, Vice-President of the Commission, President-in-Office of the Council, I wish to say to the previous speaker that we have the Greek islands and Greek ferry companies in view at all times: he need have no worries on that score. I can say that my group and I are pleased that, for the first time, we are to have statutory, citizen-focused passenger rights in the event of delays and cancellations also in maritime and inland waterway transport and regional bus and coach transport. We should like to thank the two rapporteurs, Mr Albertini and Mr Teychenné. We enjoyed constructive cooperation in the committees, which produced good results. There are just a few points on which I should like to expand. I think that 25% compensation for maritime passengers for two to three hours’ delay is perfectly appropriate, as is 50% for delays of over three hours – but I would say to Mr Teychenné that 100% compensation for delays in excess of this is simply excessive. If we bear in mind that shipping services are provided not only by colossal undertakings but also, particularly in the case of ferry operators, by small and medium-sized enterprises, we must take a reasonable approach to compensation. As we have already discussed, we must also be careful not to place responsibility with the wrong people or institutions in maritime transport. All of us in this House are engaged in ensuring that both dossiers provide assistance for passengers with reduced mobility, in particular, but shipowners cannot deal with access difficulties at ports; ports themselves must do this. In other words, we must take great care. As regards the rights of bus and coach passengers, I should like to point out that there are real differences between intercity and urban buses that must be taken into account. Therefore, my group is of the opinion that we are right to call for reasonable passenger rights in intercity bus and coach transport, but that urban and suburban buses operate under completely different conditions. These rules are out of place there, and this should be clearly recognised."@en1

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