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". Madam President, Mr Tajani, ladies and gentlemen, we should all be very grateful to Mr Marinescu. In a very short time, he has succeeded in coming to an agreement with the European Council with the support of the Vice-President of the Commission. This second package of legislation will allow us to manage our airspace more efficiently in the years to come. It will also enable the airlines and in the end the consumers to save up to EUR 3 billion and to cut CO emissions by up to 12%. These are important objectives in terms of costs, the consumer and the environment, which are now within our grasp. In the first of the two regulations, the Member States undertake finally to do what they should have done years ago, which is to establish functional airspace blocks within a short time. These blocks of airspace, which are no longer divided up along national boundaries, but instead according to functional flows of air traffic, will allow airspace to be managed more efficiently and more safely and will help to prevent unnecessary holding stacks in the sky. I am very grateful for the Commission’s support and for the rapporteur’s determination to appoint a European coordinator for the functional airspace blocks, because we will have problems in ensuring that the Member States really do establish these new blocks. It is important that a coordinator working on behalf of Parliament and the Commission will be able to press for these new blocks to be created. It is also important that military airspace management is integrated into this system and that we have a genuine master plan for the single European sky, which applies and implements the technological results of the air traffic control research project SESAR. Finally, it is also important for us that the European Aviation Safety Agency is given the task of implementing the standards and management activities for airports, air traffic management and air navigation services. This organisation must be provided with the staff and equipment it needs in good time. We are very much in favour, and I hope that the Commission will support us in this, of the EASA consulting with the relevant areas of industry with regard to practical solutions in all its new activities, so that really effective solutions can be found."@en1

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