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"Thank you very much, Mr President, thank you very much, Mr Vice-President, ladies and gentlemen, allow me, first of all, to thank all the rapporteurs on behalf of my group, not only for their work itself, but also for the fact that we have achieved what we set out to do, namely to treat the proposals as a package. By treating them as a package, we forced the Council to move towards us as you know that the Council most definitely did not want to adopt two proposals. Only by standing together did we manage to get the Council to take on these two dossiers, and we succeeded. I share the view of the Vice-President that this package is a great success for the citizens. That is something we should say in the election campaign, too. Looking around, there are not that many Members here for this debate this afternoon, despite the fact that putting this package together was one of the greatest achievements of the Committee on Transport and Tourism. The citizens perhaps do not understand, sometimes, why we sit for so long and why everything takes so long. Here, however, they can see, that this package consists of regulations on monitoring, regulations on classification societies, accident investigations, insurance obligations, liability regulations, on port State control and flag State control. We need to tighten up the requirements for all these different aspects in order, where possible, to prevent accidents and, where accidents do happen, to be able to react quickly. Mr Sterckx, I would like to offer my particular thanks to you once again, as you were the rapporteur in the special committee that I had the honour of chairing, and we met again after the sinking to consider what we still needed to improve. Through Mr Barrot, the Commission essentially adopted our proposals and we actually finalised them through the legislative process. To that extent, we can be really pleased to be able to agree the third maritime package after all these years. Let me make two more points, however. The first is that we should thank Dominique Bussereau who, as a French minister, in the end pushed the package over the final hurdles, enabling it to succeed. We should give him particular credit for that. Mr Vice-President, all eyes are on you, now! You, the Commission, with your fine European Maritime Safety Agency, must now ensure that the Member States also implement and apply this. It is only when what we have decided is actually applied that we will be able to succeed in preventing the recurrence of accidents like those of the and the . We should be fighting together to achieve that. Thank you very much."@en1

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