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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, I should like to remind you what the Lampedusans want. At this moment, the Lampedusans are protesting and almost all of them marched the other day in the island’s streets, because they want neither the Centre for Temporary Stay nor the Centre for Identification and Expulsion, which is the latest idea. The latter was to be created on an island which, let us remember, is eleven kilometres long and three kilometres wide: a ludicrous amount of space when faced with the thousands of immigrants who will arrive there in the next few months. The other day, just when there was the sudden and unexpected escape of 1 000 immigrants from the Centre for Temporary Stay, I was on the island and observed the consternation and fear of the people who live there and no longer want to witness things of this kind. This is an island that has lived off fishing and tourism and sees its own economy being destroyed by a blind immigration policy."@en1

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