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"I was pleased to hear Commissioner Barrot say that he even plans on visiting Malta, and I assure the Commissioner that he will have no problem finding the immigrants in centres in Malta, for the simple reason that Malta cannot simply take these immigrants and move or transfer them to some other place, and this is partly why the situation in my country is so difficult. Mr President, last Sunday, a boat carrying 260 immigrants landed on our shores. To make it more comprehensible to the Commissioner, this is equivalent to 39 000 immigrants arriving in France or in Italy in one day. To place it in a clearer context for Minister Vondra, this is the equivalent of 7 000 immigrants arriving in the Czech Republic in one day. The 2 000 arriving in Lampedusa over Christmas is nothing compared to this! What is needed therefore, in a case as sensitive as this, is not criticism towards the country’s authorities but solidarity in order to put a stop to this flow and lighten the burden. Thank you."@en1

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