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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, Europe has to decide: does it want regulated immigration or the invasion and criminal exploitation of illegal immigrants? The Italian Government has made the right choice: to detain the illegal immigrants in Lampedusa and, at the same time, renegotiate repatriation agreements with the countries from which they come. However, this requires adequate means and Europe must not merely discuss, merely criticise, merely look at the problem through binoculars. Europe must certainly come to Lampedusa and help our country and those others who maintain the Maroni line on this problem. Today, 120 illegal immigrants are going back to Tunisia from Lampedusa, something not done by previous governments because the immigrants had to be taken back – thus drawing the teeth of the exploitative Mafia criminals who cause these journeys to be made and then exploit them for criminal trafficking. An anti-Mafia professional like Mr Fava should be able to understand it, it is not difficult, he too should understand it. The Maroni line is approved by Malta, Greece and Cyprus, and by those who live near the southern frontier of our country. All asylum seekers and all minors have already been transferred to appropriate centres. What has been said is false. If Mrs Roure wants to go to Lampedusa tomorrow morning, she will not find a single minor, and if she reads the Italian newspapers, she will discover that it was Mr Maroni who exposed trafficking in organs: children used to disappear from Lampedusa when we had a Left government in our country. Maroni exposed this. Well, the message is clear: people must enter Europe only legally, not by means of Mafia boats and criminal traffickers."@en1

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