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"Mr President, Mr Barrot, I welcome the fact that you want to visit Lampedusa, but I recommend that you go there soon and without giving advance notice, otherwise you will find that you are presented with a mere sham. When we visited, the camp had been cleared and the detainees replaced by puppets. You should also go quickly before Mr Berlusconi and Mr Maroni turn Lampedusa into Europe’s new Alcatraz and continue to keep the citizens there in captivity. Of course, we in the European Union must show solidarity. We must establish quotas for refugees which are distributed across the different Member States and which also include the refugees who come across the ‘green border’. These represent quite a significant number. What is happening here – and we have visited many camps – is appalling and completely inhumane. Mr Berlusconi says that they can all go and have a beer whenever they want to. This shows the level of intelligence which this man has, in other words, none at all. I want to make this very clear. It is people like Mr Maroni who say that we must be tough and apply the full force of the law and then go and kneel on the Vatican steps on Sunday and claim that they are good Catholics. This two-faced approach is no longer acceptable. We must support the other Member States, such as Malta, Greece and Italy, but not these hypocrites. We should not help them."@en1

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