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"Mr President, since 2005, we have been greatly moved by the catastrophic situation of the migrants held on the island of Lampedusa, whose numbers are well in excess of its real accommodation capacity. The situation is difficult for this small island which, in 2008 alone, had to cope with the arrival of almost 31 700 immigrants. These massive flows have been brought under control in recent years as these migrants have been sent to other centres on the Italian mainland. These transfers were interrupted following a decision taken by the Minister for the Interior and we are seeing a serious deterioration in the situation. However, the Presidium project, which is jointly managed by the Ministry of the Interior, the High Commissioner for Refugees and the Italian Red Cross and part-funded by the Union, has become an example of good management of migrant reception. The decision to end the transfers to Italy is creating a real problem of access to asylum procedures. As for Mayotte, since 2007, we have known that the nominal capacity of the Pamandzi centre has been exceeded. It became known that 204 people, generally minors, were being housed there, while the maximum capacity is for 60 people. The current conditions are catastrophic: the men are sleeping on the floor; there is no distribution of any bedding or toiletries and men, women and children have to use the same lavatories. The detention conditions are degrading and an affront to human dignity. The pressure of migration is indeed felt more strongly in these territories, but the dignity of each person must be ensured and each case should be investigated in accordance with the law. It has already been stated that we have an unavoidable need for a real European policy on asylum and immigration and for solidarity at the Union level. We have been making this request to the European Parliament for several years and we are therefore making a fresh appeal to the Council."@en1

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