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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, nothing in this House surprises me any more. However, someone who declared in July last year, concerning the same topic, that he was ashamed to be an Italian citizen would have no choice but to make the assertions that Mr Fava has now made. I am sorry that he is not here in the House. It would be interesting to know how many votes he gains in his city and how many constituents he represents. Nevertheless, Mr President, some ignorant and stupid things have been said by some people on this occasion. I hope and believe that Commissioner Barrot will indeed pay an early visit to Malta, Lampedusa and so on and realise how wrong it is that the European Community lacks a policy on this matter, because the truth, Mr Barrot, Mr Vondra, is precisely this: there is no Community policy. What is the consequence of this? That some stupid ignorant people can be allowed to attack what are, in fact, the tragic realities experienced by citizens, individuals and, above all, national governments. I believe that it is important to give you a few figures. In 2007, around 11 000 migrants arrived in Lampedusa. In 2008, three times as many arrived, about 31 000. It is not true that the number of asylum seekers corresponded to the total number; they made up about one tenth of the total. Two thousand migrants arrived in just the three days from 26 to 28 December, that is to say on St Stephen’s Day and just after Christmas. 76 requests were examined in 3 days. Of these 76 requests for asylum, 36 had a positive outcome, 3 were suspended and the rest ... I have nearly finished, Mr President. After the assertions that have been made, be patient. Then Mrs Frassoni will reply when you wish, when it seems right to you and in any circumstances; there is no problem. Now what counts are the true facts: Lampedusa and Malta and others are carrying a terrible burden. The citizens are not annoyed with the Italian Government. They are annoyed because they themselves can no longer endure this situation. Therefore, this Parliament, rather than accusing the lawful authorities who are doing as much as they can, should instead try to get the European Union to carry out its obligations."@en1

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