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"Madam President, Minister, Commissioner, the Group of the European People’s Party (Christian Democrats) and European Democrats welcomes the agreement of the Council and Parliament in the trialogue not to extend the new rules for the revision of the general emissions trading scheme (ETS) to air traffic, but to leave it to new, not yet published special rules for air traffic. The special ETS rules for air traffic, which Parliament and the Council agreed on in summer and which will come into effect on 1 January 2012, are the first worldwide rules to include air traffic in an emissions trading scheme and thereby require airlines to limit the effect of air traffic on the environment. That is right. The consequences, namely the costs to airlines, airports and ultimately to passengers, who are in worldwide competition, are just barely tolerable, on the basis of the regulations that we agreed in the summer. More stringent rules via the new general ETS rules would not only be unjustified, but would have brought European airlines into extreme financial difficulties. To that extent, we are grateful to you, Parliament and Council. It is also right because the special ETS rules for air traffic give us opportunities to negotiate absolutely equivalent rules with third countries, and so avoid worldwide conflicts, as such worldwide conflicts could lead to retaliatory measures against European airlines. Quite honestly, global solutions, or at the very least partial solutions, aimed at sensible environmental protection with respect to air traffic in the world are always better than excessively stringent regulations that apply only in the EU. To that extent, we are very satisfied. You are aware that in 2014 the special rules for the ETS for air traffic will be reassessed anyway. I am therefore grateful to the rapporteur, Mrs Doyle, and the French Presidency – were it to listen – that they have excluded air traffic. That was a correct decision that will enable us to move forward. Thank you very much!"@en1

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