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"Mr President, Madam Vice-President, I would like to water down, if only slightly, the praise you have received from the House, at least as far as the issue of passenger rights is concerned. We urge the Commission to submit a comprehensive package of proposals for passenger rights throughout the transport sector. It is gratifying that we already have passenger rights in the air transport industry, although these require urgent review, given that a number of airlines are not applying the relevant regulation in the way that we would wish. This year, we have also agreed a package of passenger rights for rail users, to be implemented next year. However, Madam Commissioner, it was announced that passenger rights for people taking long-distance buses would be introduced, and a debate about passenger rights for ferry services has already started. We do not see either of these proposed measures included in the work programme. We need these proposals, as we want to have passenger rights for the entire transport sector, for we agree with the Commission: if we want to put the citizen first, one of the best ways of doing this is to introduce passenger rights that apply right across the transport sector. The second point which I would briefly like to mention is this: we hope that the Commission will implement the planned traffic management systems as envisaged. Specifically, this means SESAR for a ingle European sky and ERTMS as the single European Railway Traffic Management System. With these systems, Madam Vice-President, we are not only making transport safer and cheaper, we are also helping to protect the environment. You therefore have our full support for the rapid deployment of these systems."@en1

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