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"Mr President, I would like to say to Mr Zaleski and Mr Guardans that, as they know, there is a famous painting by Goya entitled ‘The dream of reason brings forth monsters’, and sometimes the dream of liberalisation, with the strict rules of the market, can bring forth inefficiency and inequality. When we are talking about services, we need to keep this very much in mind. Let us imagine, for example, a poor country in which education is not functioning well, where it is decided that external actors will come in order to supposedly provide the children of that country with a quality education. How can we be sure that those private companies will not do this with the aim of becoming a monopoly, or an oligopoly, or fixing prices that are not accessible to the consumers, in this case the pupils, and also end up providing poor quality education? Who can assure us of this? Because it could happen. In that case we would not be in a situation of free competition, but in a situation of entirely regulated competition in private hands. We therefore have to say a very clear yes to the privatisation of trade in services, while distinguishing public services and services of general economic interest, ensuring that criteria and rules on accessibility and quality are fulfilled, and that, of course, the social criteria are clearly present. Strengthening economies means strengthening the Member States – those that are open to the rules of the market, but without putting citizens solely at the service of those who are more capable of applying them."@en1

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