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"Fiscal fraud is a problem for both the EU and the Member States, distorting competition and reducing the revenue base of the EU and the Member States alike. One of the roots of the problem is cited as being the current transitional system of VAT, which is complex and outmoded. It needs updating. In that regard the EP proposal that the European Commission should put forward a decision on a new VAT system in 2010 is undoubtedly welcome. The working out of a new VAT system obviously means ensuring that the current tax system is not replaced by a more complex and bureaucratic one. It is obviously also important to stress that, before it is applied Europe-wide, it must be piloted to ensure that it works in practice because this will prevent many problems which may emerge later. An equally important step in the fight against fiscal fraud is to update the availability of inter-State information, a process which would be assisted by the establishment of a pan-European e-tax administration information centre. The balance between the public interest and the fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual will not be disregarded when personal data is processed. Finally, the term ‘tax haven’ must also, in view of the point at issue here, be regarded as important. I welcome the ideas set out in the report that the EU should make the elimination of tax havens at worldwide level a priority."@en1

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