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"Mr President, first of all I want to thank the Members of the House for the comments and views they expressed during the debate. As I said in my opening remarks, the Commission very much appreciates the contribution made by the European Parliament to the debate on a coordinated strategy to improve the fight against fiscal fraud. The Commission has assumed its responsibility and will take further initiatives to strengthen the legal framework and administrative cooperation between Member States. Member States certainly have to do the same. Some of you have referred to the review of the Savings Taxation Directive, and I can assure you that the ongoing review is a very thorough one, where we are examining in detail whether the current scope is effective, and the pros and cons of extending it. It is a complex matter where many factors have to be taken into account: efficiency from a tax compliance point of view; the administrative burden for market operators, and also for tax administration; the need for a level playing field both inside the EU and in relation to the outside world – to name just a few. As I mentioned earlier, we will soon present the report. It will be followed by a proposal for amendments to the Savings Taxation Directive, and we will do our utmost to strike a proper balance. It is clear that there exists no single and global solution for eliminating tax fraud. Each individual measure should bring an added value, but it is only their implementation as a whole which provides the tax authorities with an enhanced framework for combating tax evasion and tax fraud."@en1

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