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"Mr President, please allow me first of all to say to Mr Hamon that his blackmail does not impress us at all, and I regret that he has clearly been the victim of a huge misunderstanding. Mr President, while agreeing with the broad outlines of the report by Mrs Bowles, I believe that two points must be highlighted. Firstly, the transitional system of VAT, which dates back to 1993, is now showing its limitations. I do not believe that we can any longer accept the continuation of this transitional system. Fiscal fraud, which we all condemn due to its direct and indirect effects, is partly attributable to failures in the current system which should therefore be changed. Obviously I am aware that there are certain problems. That is why I recommend to the Commission that it promotes the solution devised by the RTvat organisation which should allow a tax loss of EUR 275 million per day to be avoided, while reducing administrative costs for SMEs. The second point concerns the issue of tax evasion in connection with the Directive on the Taxation of Savings Income. The report contains unjustified remarks that have led me to table amendments in order to rectify the situation. The legitimate and necessary fight against fiscal fraud must not cause us to call into question the principle of tax competition. I absolutely reject this as the two have no connection. Furthermore, experience shows that the system of tax deduction at source for the taxation of savings is the most efficient system, rather than trying to impose, across the board, the information exchange system which has its own problems. Finally, the demands to reform this Directive, in terms of widening its scope to all legal entities and all other sources of financial revenue, are also very badly thought out because they will simply have the effect of hounding savings out of the European Union. That is why I want these points to be amended. If they are not amended, we will be unable to vote for this report."@en1

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