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"Ms Bowles, I admire your desire to overcome tax fraud at European level. Consider, though, what this will cause to those who govern Bulgaria now. If cases of tax fraud stop in Bulgaria I assure you that at the next elections the liberals from the Muslim party Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) will not win even half of the percentage they win at the moment. If the theft of public funds in my country is terminated once and for all, the socialists can no longer sponsor their campaigns or, respectively, their absurd initiatives. As a member of the Attack party I will support this report of yours, for Attack is the only party in Bulgaria which works for stopping the syphoning of state funds and Attack is the party, whose platform includes the firm commitment to review all shady and tainted deals, which resulted in damages for the state budget and which have so far benefited not one or two political forces. Thank you."@en1

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