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". Mr President, Commissioner, I should like to highlight three issues in the course of this debate. Firstly, it has been estimated that tax losses due to fiscal fraud relating to VAT and excise duty amount to more than 2% of the European Union’s GDP. The losses total between EUR 200 billion and EUR 250 billion. These are enormous sums of money. National incomes are reduced, and there is also an impact on the structure of the European Union’s budget income as the proportion of own income based on GNI is increased. Secondly, despite this diagnosis, the solutions proposed in the report could do more harm than good. I refer, for instance, to the solutions relating to intra-Community transactions, such as the reverse charge mechanism whereby the tax is paid by the recipient, not by the supplier. I am also concerned about the proposal to unify VAT rates, which in effect means eliminating the reduced rates, and about the proposal to set up a clearing house system to apportion tax between Member States. Thirdly, it would seem that what is really needed in order to combat fiscal fraud is closer cooperation between the fiscal administrations of the Member States. This should involve swifter exchange of information, and perhaps even automatic access to certain data concerning VAT taxpayers and excise duty payers."@en1

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