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"Mr President, let me thank you once more for the very useful piece of work which Mr Mladenov presented with the help of his colleagues. It is very useful for the Commission as well. The Commission is preparing a study dealing with compensation levels awarded to cross-border victims and this issue was raised by Mrs Wallis and some other colleagues. We are aiming in this study at obtaining an objective, well-founded and evidence-based analysis of the issue. The study is under way and the Commission is examining the second interim report. Mr Harbour also mentioned that we need to be very concrete in our work and cooperate firmly on this issue to make the internal market more complete both for businesses and for consumers. It is very important for this cooperation to be straightened up. I am really more than glad to see that Mr Mladenov’s report is doing this through the good set-up of the pieces of his work and also has such nice and meaningful support from his colleagues. Once more, congratulations and thank you."@en1

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