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"Mr President, as a legal practitioner who has dealt with cross-border claims, it is not all rosy in the garden as might be suggested in the report. While I welcome the report, some of the kind of problems that I have come across are problems where there is legal cost insurance and where the claimants are finding it difficult to recover costs on the basis of it. These claimants have gone through court procedures and expended monies in order to validate their claims and then find that, on the one hand, the insurer of the offending party which caused the accident is not paying the full costs of putting the case together, and on the other hand, their own insurance company, with whom they had insurance for covering legal costs, is also not paying up and is walking away from its responsibilities. This is an area that we need to look at and be very careful about. I had one case, for instance, where we had to pay EUR 30 000 for a forensic accountant’s report and where we were not allowed to recover the full cost of that report. Although the person had their own insurance, they were not able to add their own insurance policy for costs and were not able to recover under that policy either. That is a matter that we need to look at and make sure that it is properly monitored."@en1

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