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"Mr President, motor insurance has been a success story of this Parliament and the long line of directives still actually represents some unfinished business – business which sadly involves an increasing number of our citizens as they exercise their rights of free movement across the Union. Mr Mladenov’s report makes a very important contribution to the ongoing work. It is clear that claims need to be simplified as much as possible and the three-month period has to be respected. Accident trauma must not be increased by legal trauma. We know that there are complicated issues of conflict of law that this Parliament wanted to solve in our approach to the Rome II Regulation. We have now been assisted by the Court of Justice in its Oldenburg judgment, where the Court has read together the fourth Directive and the Brussels Regulation in the way we intended, allowing a victim to take direct legal action in their country of residence rather than going to the defendant’s court. This will put pressure on the need for out-of-court settlements. It is an important development. It may in the short term create some difficulties but, Commissioner, you need to ensure that Member States respect this judgment and this interpretation of EU law. The next step is to devise a system arising from the Rome II follow-up studies that ensures that victims are compensated fully in relation to their home country circumstances. The story is ongoing but the achievements, likewise, are very far from being inconsiderable."@en1

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