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"Mr President, all the honourable Members’ remarks have been very well presented and very wise. I would like to stress that the decision to translate only parts of the academic text is a political one. That is because the areas which are not useful for the purposes of the CFR will not be translated. I am sorry to repeat myself, but it is very important to stress that the CFR will be a toolbox by nature, and Parliament will be fully involved in the decision on which parts of the text are to be translated. I would also like to inform you of the meetings tabled by the French presidency, which has scheduled two meetings of the Civil Law Committee for 5 September and 3 November, in order to discuss selection of the chapters of the draft academic CFR for the future Commission CFR. As you can see, nothing is set in stone. Both Parliament and the Commission can fully participate and do the job together. The outcome of these discussions should be adopted as JHA Council conclusions in December 2008. That gives us sufficient certainty that the process is truly inclusive of all the interested parties. With reference to Mrs van den Burg’s remark, I would like to assure you that the consultation process will be broad and inclusive. I have received feedback from the academics, who have announced that they will translate their draft, which means that there will definitely be French, German and English versions. This guarantees, besides the efforts of the Commission, that the project will certainly be available in those three languages. The Commission has a clear interest in working together with Parliament, which has been so supportive of this project, and with the Council, to ensure proper scope, with translated versions of the already-completed academic part of the project."@en1

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