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"Mr President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, I have followed this debate with great interest, but have had the impression at times that the various joint meetings between the Committee on Legal Affairs and the Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection never actually took place. Yes, Mrs van den Burg, we have noted – also among our colleagues in the committees – that it is extremely difficult, at the various events, to find the interest and expertise that are required for this important legal policy initiative in Europe. In my view, doing so is not only a task for the Commission, it is also the job of parliamentarians to ensure that the relevant associations, trade unions, employees and SMEs are involved in this debate as early as possible. However, I also take the view – and I fully endorse what Hans-Peter Mayer has said on this point, and Jacques Toubon also touched upon this – that this early involvement of the various stakeholders can, of course, only be successful if the legal bases are available in all the languages. I am not surprised by the Commissioner’s answer and her withdrawal to the position that the available academic documents are no more than a technical basis for the development of the White Paper position. Nonetheless, in this difficult process, I would say to the Commissioner that, in my view, it is indeed necessary to translate these bases of her White Paper recommendations as well, as this is the only way to ensure a meaningful debate. I believe that the motion therefore points in the right direction and I would ask the Commissioner to take appropriate supportive action here."@en1

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