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"Mr President, I endorse what the previous speakers have said and I should like to highlight two points in particular. One is how we guarantee that there really is an inclusive and democratic process of consultation, in which not only this Parliament, but also national parliaments play a role and in which all stakeholders can be consulted. I am especially concerned about whether this consultation will be balanced and whether, for instance, consumer organisations, small and medium-sized enterprises, trade unions and others will be able to bring in the expertise and pay for it, so that they can also play a real role in this consultation process. The Commission has a responsibility in this respect and so I should like to ask the Commission how they intend to support this. I should like to ask Parliament to support an amendment that we are submitting on this point. The other point concerns the breadth of the selection. I ask myself whether we should really be ruling out certain things now in paragraph 12. It makes more sense to keep these things open at this stage."@en1

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