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"Mr President, I too would like to thank the Commissioner very much for what he has just said, and for his assurances. I think it is clear, from what has been said tonight from all parts of the House, that there is need for not just an efficient but a high-quality system which is one based on joint responsibility: as my colleague Ms Segelström has said, there must be joint responsibility or the system is meaningless. I think that the Council too needs to hear that message very, very clearly, because they, the Council, are the governments that are responsible for fulfilling their obligations. It is true that some Member States, such as Sweden, are very good at fulfilling their obligations. Others are not. This means that the actions that the Commission can take to support them in that – for example, the use of the UNHCR, and the idea of the Asylum Support Office – become very important, providing they are adequately resourced. That, too, is something which I think all of us involved in the budget system need to think about. However, on behalf of my colleague Mr Busuttil I would say that some of us still remain to be convinced that the pressures on certain Member States are temporary rather than systemic, and therefore that the responses we make perhaps need to be more systemic – unless, of course, we foresee a rapid change in the world situation which would then have an effect on refugee flows. So again I would like to thank the Commissioner and my colleagues for their warm words. We will see what we can do to pass the message to Council, and we very much look forward to the proposals coming from the Commission later in the year."@en1

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