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". − Mr President, this debate is clearly very important and was interrupted, but that happens. In any event, I too am convinced that equipping Europe with a truly harmonised right of asylum will be an excellent response to the problems that were mentioned during the previous debate. I should briefly like to pick up on certain comments. It is true that the current system is not ‘fair’ in that asylum seekers, depending on the Member State to which they apply, do not always receive the same response. You are right, Madam, to underline how certain countries have been much more open and generous than others. We therefore need this harmonisation. We also need to consider a number of issues that are of concern, such as the problem of unaccompanied minors. We must also examine the problem of the detention of asylum seekers and, quite clearly, we must do this within the framework of a review of these texts, not necessarily to move away from the Dublin system but to perfect this European response to asylum seekers. We must remain faithful to Europe’s tradition of a democratic and humanist welcome. That is why, Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, we have found this debate extremely useful. It definitely gives us food for thought and I will of course return before Parliament to present the texts that we are now going to prepare in light of the excellent observations that have filled this debate. I must therefore warmly thank Parliament and you, Mr President, and I hope that, by the end of the year, I can return with draft texts that will enable us to significantly improve the situation with regard to the right of asylum in Europe."@en1

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