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"Mr President, the Russian aggression against Georgia has provoked the world public to question the decision of the International Olympic Committee to grant Sochi, Russia, the right of hosting the Winter Olympics in 2014. Sochi is located on the coast of the Black Sea just 20 miles from the border of the Russian Federation and Abkhazia, and therefore in close proximity to a zone of conflict. But there is another aspect that concerns me as well. Just as in Beijing, people's homes are getting in the way of the construction of Olympic facilities. For example the construction in progress is wiping out a whole village called Eesti-Aiake or "Estonian Garden" in English, which was founded 120 years ago by 36 Estonian families, who migrated to the Caucasus region in Imperial Russia and who were granted lands there. The Russian authorities are constructing stands, intended to be used for only 14 days during the Olympics, on the location of the oldest part of the village. The compensation that will be paid to the families is said to be lower than the market price of the land. Such outrageous actions violate the natural right to property and therefore should be condemned."@en1

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