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"Mr President, our discerning and determined position is eagerly awaited. The United States, due to the wishes of the Russians but also due to the current election period, cannot act as the catalyst of a global political situation in this area neighbouring the Union. We, the European Union, have a unique historical opportunity to build our foreign and security policy and develop Europe through its achievements and experience. We must not waste this opportunity. The necessary condemnations do not offer solutions. Even if Pandora’s box was opened with Kosovo, with a recognition defying the rules of international law, let us return international law and respect for human rights to the heart of the solution. Let us be firm and act politically. Let us adopt a clear, common and firm position towards Russia, but one which is aimed at finding a solution and a partnership, because we should be clear-headed in our approach to Russia in 2008. Let us propose, under the aegis of the European Union, a regional conference on the resolution of the situation and on the future of the partnerships. It is with this determination for a single voice of the European Union that we will minimise the destructive venom of nationalism which always, inexorably, leads to war."@en1

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