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"Today is the anniversary of the outbreak of the Second World War. That war was immediately preceded by a secret pact between the Soviet Union and Germany, and by the policy of appeasement adopted by the countries of Western Europe. In 1939 it was naïvely believed that sacrificing selected smaller states would satisfy the aggressor. I am recalling all this due to the war in Georgia. Georgia has become the first target for attack in the course of contemporary Russia’s pursuit of the imperialist tendencies that it inherited from the Soviet Union. Russia is using Georgia as a testing ground, to establish how much Member States of the Union are prepared to put up with. It does not expect them to stand firm. In view of the armed conflict, the European Parliament must not confirm Russia’s expectations. We must adopt a common, unambiguous and determined stance. Georgia is entitled to count on our diplomatic and material support. The European Parliament should send its own observers to Georgia, to verify information concerning ethnic cleansing. We must do all we can to stop expansion and prevent our tragic history from repeating itself."@en1

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