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"Ladies and gentlemen, I should like first of all to acknowledge the speed and effectiveness of the French Presidency in brokering a truce between the parties to the conflict. The six-point plan must now be brought to life, including, of course, the withdrawal of Russian troops to their positions prior to the outbreak of the conflict. The Georgia issue , however, is not an isolated issue as there is a whole series of interlinked conflicts and problems throughout the Southern Caucasus. It is therefore essential for the European Union to apply itself far more effectively and intensively than previously to the entire region of the Eastern Mediterranean and Transcaucasus. In other words, it is essential to strengthen the eastern dimension of our policies towards our neighbours through real measures. Since I am a Member from a country which has not yet ratified the Lisbon Treaty, I should like to invite the Governments of the Czech Republic, Sweden and, of course, Ireland too to work hard on the ratification of this document, because it is the prerequisite for more unified and more effective common foreign and security policies enabling us to deal with the challenges, including the challenges coming from the East and from Russia, and to solve these problems."@en1

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