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"Mr President, the outcome of the European Council could be described either as a glass that is half empty or as one that is half full. The important thing is that agreement was reached and that the Union spoke with one voice. It is, however, disappointing that the Council joint position does not go far enough. It falls short of what most of those who expressed their opinion in this House would have liked. During the Russian offensive in Georgia, the Russian media reported how Mr Putin found time to travel to Siberia and sedate a tiger that was threatening local people. This incident is a good illustration of Russia’s behaviour and of the treatment it metes out to Europe. Moscow has not been entirely responsible for sedating the European tiger, however. In this context, how should the North Stream and South Stream projects be assessed, together with the support they have received from certain Member States of the Union? Lack of solidarity and subservience to an aggressor always encourages the latter. This is particularly true when certain partners pay for the benefits enjoyed by others. The current pronouncements about the Union’s unity with regard to Russia, the emphasis placed on the Eastern partnership and the other statements made are certainly encouraging. If we content ourselves with words alone, however, the aggressor may strike again."@en1

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