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"We have already discussed here today the need to send international peacekeeping and civilian missions to Georgia. As a member of the South Caucasus delegation I support this wholeheartedly, all the more so given that in early spring, speaking in this very spot, I drew attention to the urgent need for these very measures. History has made many of our countries multi-ethnic, including Georgia. I am concerned about the potential for a very grim scenario. Specifically, a number of days ago, Russia recognised Abkhazia and South Ossetia. As though pursuing that theme, North Ossetia’s Minister for Population talked about South and North Ossetia merging under Russian law, in other words of South Ossetia becoming part of Russia. In the view of a number of countries, there is a clash between two keystones of international law here: national self-determination and territorial integrity. We know that we must take the Helsinki Final Act as our starting point, but my question to the Council is: ‘What steps are being taken to prevent the violation of the territorial integrity of a sovereign State?’"@en1

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