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"Mr President, the main problem we are facing does not concern the answer to the question of who is right and who is wrong; who is the aggressor or who is the victim; what is a sovereign right and what is a disproportionate reaction. The real problem is that we have no real means to impose a or to exert efficient pressure on a country like Russia to revise a certain policy. Moreover, we cannot ask Russia to observe any provision of international law which we have not already breached before. A world in which every crisis is dealt with on a basis is not a world of order, but of disorder. What we see around us today is not the beginning of a new Cold War, but the end of the unipolar order. It is a geopolitical confrontation at global level which takes place within an unregulated international environment where the unilateralists are clashing. When the unipolar order is dead and the multipolar order is not yet born, anarchy and the rule of might prevail. The only reasonable thing we must do is to convene an international conference for security and cooperation, where all the global and regional players, together with the local stakeholders, should negotiate and redefine and reinvent the principles of international law in international relations, the role and powers of international organisations, the procedure for dealing with local crises and the system of security guarantees which could meet the specific opportunities, challenges and dangers of our times. Meanwhile, we must accelerate the process of economic integration, political association and institutional approximation with our eastern neighbours such as Ukraine and Moldova. Let us hope that the European Union will be up to these expectations."@en1

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