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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, the Council was quite right to send a very clear message to Moscow today, namely that we Europeans uphold the rights of peoples and will not sacrifice them to geopolitical pacts or accords. Moreover, we have a moral duty towards our own populations, especially those which endured many decades under the heel of Soviet imperialism, to defend these principles of freedom. However, those – such as Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi – who kept open a channel of dialogue with Moscow also did the right thing, so as to explain Europe’s way of thinking and to warn of the risk of re-entering a climate of Cold War, not just from a political point of view, not just from an economic and political point of view, but also and above all from a historical point of view, in that as time passes there is the prospect that Europe can of course include Russia or can exclude it once and for all. It is therefore very important to open up and maintain a dialogue. Europe, the peoples of Europe, do not want a Cold War because Cold War reminds us of death, persecution …"@en1

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