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". Mr President, Commissioner, Mr Kouchner, Russia is not complying with three of the six points in the agreement negotiated on our behalf by President Sarkozy. By failing to do so, Russia has forfeited the right to be deemed Europe’s partner. The European Union’s credibility is therefore also at stake in this dispute. It is not enough to set up humanitarian aid, rebuild Georgia and introduce visa facilitation and trading agreements. Russia needs to fully experience what self-isolation is like. If it does not, we shall actually be depriving it of the opportunity to review its policy. Russia will simply be confirmed in its belief that it can get away with anything. In the run-up to the next presidential elections, due in 2012, generating awareness of increasing political and economic isolation is our only chance of sowing doubt and division amongst the dominant group in Moscow. Russia must not be allowed to benefit from this aggression. We need to review our energy policy. Europe’s room for manoeuvre is already limited because of its dependence on Russia. Do we really wish to aggravate the situation? The Member States should put an end to their involvement in the construction of the northern and southern pipelines at the earliest opportunity. If we fail to draw these long-term conclusions, we run the risk of being sidelined and becoming a laughing stock."@en1

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