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"This law needs to be revised. Let me try to explain why. When this law was issued, the aim was that anyone seeking asylum – that is, asking for protection – could do so in the country in which they first landed. This seems reasonable, but when this law was issued, no-one ever imagined, especially in this day and age, that many people would end up entering and arriving in the European Union or a Member State by boat, crossing the Atlantic or the Mediterranean Sea to enter the European Union. This was never the idea of this Regulation, and now it is forcing countries in this situation to welcome these people who arrive by boat, in a disproportionate, difficult and serious situation. I am pleased to hear Commissioner Barrot say here that one of the possibilities for revision of this Regulation is to temporarily suspend it in the case of those countries that are bearing a disproportionate share of a particular burden. This is what we need: either this, or a well-functioning mechanism, one of solidarity, which permits immigrants arriving in a country bearing such a burden to proceed to another EU country. It is imperative that this revision is carried out, and as soon as possible."@en1

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