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"This regulation comes as an answer to the need to secure and strengthen the European Union’s borders by making control at border check points more efficient. Nevertheless, the most important aspect refers to establishing common rules for the harmonization of the Visa Information System. Although some Member States deemed that the mandatory use of VIS could only be achieved when the technological development allowed the feasible use of portable devices, with a rapid transfer and a certain check, I believe the rapporteur’s proposal to let the border police officer choose whether to use the Visa Information System or not represents a solution until the technological system allows rapid data transfer and its systematic use. We should also not forget that an adequate control at the EU borders would increase the internal security of Member States and, consequently, would fight frauds such as organized crime and even acts of terrorism. Moreover, in addition to the significant increase in the efficiency of border controls, a systematic consultation of the Visa Information System would also constitute a preliminary condition for greater flexibility when submitting the visa application."@en1

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