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"Mr President, as the rapporteur on the visa information system (VIS), and still working on the amendment of the common consular instructions to govern the actual collection of the biometrics, I take a great interest in anything that concerns the visa information system. When we decided on the VIS, we allowed for this three-year period when the search could be done using just the visa sticker, without the fingerprints in the VIS. But I have slightly mixed feelings about the compromise. I support it because that is what has been able to be agreed. But on the other hand the Commission has rightly said that only a biometric check can confirm with certainty that the person wishing to enter is the one to whom the visa has been issued, and therefore a systematic consultation of the VIS, including a biometric check by border guards, should be performed for each visa holder. I am therefore a little bit worried about the derogation and the ability to have random checks. I shall look forward to this report after three years, and ensure that flexibility has not become a loophole, because of course if we are going to have the VIS we had better apply it properly."@en1

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