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". The legislative proposal on decisions rendered must be adopted in order to overcome serious differences in treatment and the huge amount of discretion granted to executing authorities in the 27 EU Member States. These are the objectives which the Committee on Legal Affairs set itself when presenting its opinion to the Committee on Civil Liberties. The four amendments, adopted unanimously last May and basically taken over by the committee responsible, aim to ensure a fair balance between citizens’ fundamental rights and freedoms and the need for mutual recognition of judgments. It has therefore become essential to harmonise our criminal justice systems, by introducing into the proposal uniform criteria recognised by the largest possible number of EU countries, with a view to legal clarity. These are minimum standards geared to combining safeguards for guarantees to protect the accused with the need to preserve efficient cross-border judicial cooperation. Nevertheless, in certain cases the Member State is granted the leeway needed to take into account the specifics of its own legal system."@en1

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