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"Madam President, I rise to speak solely on the França report on mutual recognition of judgements . The very concept of this proposal is alien to many judicial systems within Member States, especially those who have a legal system based on common law. In the UK we have over centuries built up our legal system based on the idea of habeas corpus and the right of the defendant not to be judged unless he has the opportunity to defend himself. This principle is enshrined in the well-known document I have here – Magna Carta of 1215 – which has guaranteed this right in my country for 800 years. Recognition of trials goes wholly against the basic ideals of this historic document. For a judgment to be made in one Member State and subsequently recognised in another, once a European arrest warrant has been issued, certainly raises the question of whether a fair trial has taken place. The organisation Fair Trials International, in their paper on this proposal, mirrors my concerns and highlights – and I quote – ‘significant concerns on the issue of extradition procedure to be followed’. Colleagues, I urge you to look seriously at what is proposed and think how this will affect your constituents and their right to a fair trial."@en1

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