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"The nature of Mr França’s report seemed at first to be more legal and technical than concrete. However, it transpired that among the Member States there are some which are totally unfamiliar with this legal institution. This report also exposed differences between the Anglo-Saxon and Continental penal systems. It is therefore logical that some of my fellow Members will oppose the report. Of course, that does not imply that the topics are not important. We of the Group of the European People's Party (Christian Democrats) and European Democrats are of the opinion that the right to be tried is a fundamental political right. However, there have been cases when the accused did not attend the trial, but the court nevertheless pronounced sentence. Sentences pronounced in one country have not so far been recognised in another Member State. This outline decision ensures that such sentences could also be enforced in other Member States of the European Union, under certain conditions of course, one of those conditions, in our opinion, being that the accused was summoned to the court in a correct manner and that, despite being summoned by the court authorities, failed to attend the court. Evading justice is common and a person legally sentenced in one European Union country should not be allowed to stroll peacefully down the streets of other Member States. We of the PPE-DE are of the opinion that the rapporteur has managed to harmonise the amendments and prepare a balanced report, for which I would like to thank him. I would also like to make the following remark: it is right and proper for us to secure conditions for just trials, but we must also take care of the victims of criminal acts."@en1

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